Junior High Language Arts and Spanish – Mrs. Burch

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Middle School Parents and Guardians,

You have arrived at the Middle School webpage for grades 5-8 Language Arts and Spanish. This page will contain information on classroom procedures, long term projects, writing projects,and weblinks to assist your child/children in Language Arts and Spanish.Through consistent and correct use of the student agenda/planner, students will develop and build their organizational skills. Therefore, please note that daily assignments will not be posted on this page.
– Mrs. Burch

Cursive Worksheets

The following websites are great for printable cursive worksheets. I have used them in the past with students, and they are quite painless.

Handwriting for Kids
ABC Teach
TLS Books
Worksheet Works
Handwriting Worksheets
K5 Learning


Throughout the year, students will be learning the basics of the language through oral and written work. Thus far, we have reviewed content they have learned in previous years, so that I may understand their level of language acquisition. The majority of the grade is participation, although classwork, homework, quizzes and tests are factors also.

Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen will meet approximately twice a month in the 8th grade room from 3:15-4:00.